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Salient Features

There are many unique features of this school. It is very difficult to mention all of them here. Hence, only the most important ones are listed:
Effective professional leadership and management qualified from the UK.
Amalgamation of Contemporary and Islamic Education.
Utilising state-of-the-art technology to deliver lessons in complete English Medium School environment.
Heavy emphasis on developing practical based teaching styles and conceptual thinking rather than relying upon traditional role learning.
Early Years Development - To plan stimulating age-appropriate activities (including after schools clubs and parent classes)
Gender separation from class 5 onwards.
Locker storage to reduce load of books, thereby enabling children to feel comfortable and at ease when travelling.
Collaboration with educationalists from both the UK and Pakistan resulting in sharing of best practice through affiliation to UK institutions and schools.
Use of audio/visual (CCTV) equipment inside and outside the classroom to facilitate a safe and secure environment.
High standards of expectation on dicipline and behaviour.
Paricular attention to morals and manners in accordance with the basic teachings of Islam.
A child-centred approach to learning.
Quranic Tajweed taught at school to alleviate both yourself and the child from additional burden at home.
Healthy Body-Healthy Mind Programme, encouraging children to participate in a variety of physical activities and a healthy eating programme.
Transport facility also available.
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