• At Oxbridge International Grammar School, we offer an exclusive program of high speculative standards with a strong emphasis on character-building. Our aim is to provide children with an excellent learning environment where they have an opportunity to develop skills and Islamic values needed to become firm believers, who seek excellence in all their endeavors. The faculty is integral in creating an atmosphere conducive for learning, while developing and nurturing the sense of wonder that all children are born with. The leadership of Oxbridge undertakes regular teacher and staff training programs to implement the required tools, along with a firm commitment, to help our children learn. We consult with schools and educationists, locally and internationally, to stay up to date with the latest teaching methods and materials. Following the British national curriculum, the school strives to add value with an enhanced and integrated Islamic curriculum as well as a well-rounded physical education programme. If we continue to work together we may leave a legacy of excellence for future generations, Insha’Allah. Your participation with duas, time and effort are essential in this cause.