Secondary Section

  • Good education is not just restricted to a career. It is meant to be for lifetime. We, at Oxbridge International Grammar School totally believe to equip our students for their life long span by providing them best educational standards.
Educational Philosophy
  • Our educational philosophy does not revolve explicitly around the curriculum being implemented globally but also incorporates emphasis on Islamic principles. We provide students with composite education and character building. We have experienced and qualified faculty who ensure creating rigorous learning environment.
    Our curriculum is designed with backwards planning to prepare our learners beforehand for the challenges of the centralized examinations and to pass with good grades. We also arrange special remedial classes for students who need extra couching. We aim to provide our students exposure to learning beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching.
    Our classrooms at secondary section fully cater to the 21st century teaching requirements by facilitating daily lessons with multimedia and smart boards. Our subject specialists make use of all educational resources including web-based audio-visual aids, simulations, PowerPoint presentations, seminars and workshops to maximize learning in an open and interactive environment.
    Our labs hold up-to-date equipment and supplies that launch a perpetual state of show and tell. Other than teaching indoors, we arrange guided educational tours for our students to catch a glimpse of the practical implementation of the theories in real life settings. This multi-angled approach towards the curriculum serves as a scaffold for higher order learning and critical thinking
Integration of Islam
  • Apart from the international curriculum, we focus greatly on the grooming of our children by accommodating their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. Our objective is to provide moral boost to our learners by giving them direct access to valid and authentic Islamic dogma. Our lessons are integrated with Islamic values to disseminate knowledge of do’s and don’ts.
    Special curriculum is designed with the help of experts and weekly character building sessions are arranged to administer this theme-based curriculum. Guest speakers are called in to teach and develop moral and ethical values of our students. At OIGS, daily Zohar prayer in congregation has been made mandatory for boys and girls in separate prayer rooms.