Transport Services ( Pick and Drop ) to Certain Areas

Driving an ordinary car is not similar to driving a school. You may expect a considerable amount of patience from drivers, as it is the school children you are dealing with. It is indeed a nightmare for you to drive carefully and manage misbehaving children at the same time.
It is obviously a bad choice for you to select a person who can get easily annoyed and have a high temper.  Drivers at OIGS are carefully hired, who able to handle all these easily and effectively. Incase any issue arises , they are able to respond quickly and take decisions. Each van has a second seater to control the children.
OIGS has four vans for four different routes .
1. E sector .
2. F sector .
3. G sector.
4. G13 sub sector.
Vans are tagged as van A, van B , van C and van D, so that each child knows the van deputed for his address .
Each driver carries a list which has the name and address of every student.
Parents of van students are connected through whatsapp .

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