Mr. Hamid Mukhtar has done his Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and later did MSc in Information systems engineering from a reputable university in London. Driven by the passion for Islam, Mr. Hamid sought admission in an Islamic discipline. This really changed his direction, thinking and the way of living. Having completed the Arabic and Islamic Shariah from a well-known Institute in an Arab country in 2001, he endeavored on a dream to start an Islamic school where he could impart both Islamic and contemporary knowledge. It was, financially, difficult to ascertain this on an individual basis in the UK. Hence, the dream of Oxbridge, in Pakistan was realised in March, 2009. Main idea was to teach modern education within an Islamic framework, which became the foundation of Oxbridge International Grammar School. Mr. Hamid always keeps himself up-to-date with the latest development in the education field. He has conducted several events, coaching workshops and trainings programs related to professional development of the teachers. Recently, he has completed PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) in the field of Secondary Mathematics in London.

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